October 2, 2022, Sunday
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Poll-partnership just for seat-sharing

The Nepal Weekly
August 9, 2022

By TNW correspondent

The political scenario in the country following formal finalization of  the date for general election is getting interesting day by day. The political dialogue about the election that is expanding by the day in public sphere features among others varied patterns of poll-partnership among parties. 

In the view of some politicians, the motto of poll-partnership among political parties in the forthcoming parliamentary and provincial assembly election does not appear to be driven by any policy-centric or programme-oriented approach. “It sounds more directed to ensuring as more seats as possible in the House of Representatives or assemblies.”

According to a senior politician, the traditionally strong parties feel vulnerable to face voters on their individual strength. Top leaders look worried about retaining their central role after the polls. Small parties have not been able to reorganize themselves after their loss in polls five years ago.

A few independent new leaders are coming forward to make a difference in the national politics with their innovative ideas. Their youthful approach through digital campaigning is gaining some strength. How they will be taken by voters in real time is something that is difficult to predict at the moment. How the phenomenon will play out is also something being watched by all at the moment.

Some leaders who feel strongly about the need to develop a political party that could serve as alternative to both Nepali Congress and CPN UML are clear about concept but lost in organizing a path to achieve the same, said a media analyst. The trust deficit in them is as much as in those who are leading the grand old parties.

The seat sharing among ruling alliance parties is getting complicated because of the high number of aspirants. The same problem plagues the opposition party CPN UML. Ultimately the top leadership in both camps will determined the shape of poll-partnership as per their convenience and loyalty of prospective candidates to them.