May 21, 2024, Tuesday
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Police arrest 33 Nepali, one Chinese, 2 Indian for operating illegal activities

The Nepal Weekly
July 26, 2022

Police have arrested 36 people including one Chinese and two Indian nationals from Sky World Service Centre, Tinkune, Kathmandu for their involvement in various illegal activities. The 33 Nepalese and three foreign nationals were found to be involved in various illegal activities such as issuing threat, hacking personal information and bargaining money through illegally employing various people, according to Kathmandu Metropolitan Police Range.

Those arrestees include Chinese national Hu Yuehua, 43, and Indian nationals Manoj Shaini 26 and Neha Gupta, 19, both from Utter Pradesh, India. Thirty three Nepalese nationals including five women were also arrested in this connectiion. The police have confiscated from them cash Rs. 829,000, 362  laptops, 748 desktop computers and various documents.

The Chinese national is the mastermind of the incident and was working as management head of the Sky World Service Centre, the organization under which they were operating illegal activities by using various equipment and cheating people.