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Rising vegetable prices hit consumers

The Nepal Weekly
July 4, 2022

In the last month, consumers were hit by the rising prices of edible oils, vegetables and other consumer goods. The price rise has especially affected the poor families. With the price hike, poor families are worried about how to manage money to purchase vegetables for their morning and evening meals.

The price of edible oil is increasing every month. The price of edible oil, which was Rs 350 per liter two months ago, has now reached Rs 380. The oil producers said that the price of oil has increased along with the price of mustard due to insufficient supply of mustard. The price of tomatoes, which was Rs 60 to 70 per kg two months ago, has now gone up to Rs 160.

Accordingly, the price of okra has reached Rs 60 per kg, cauliflower Rs 90, mustard Rs 100, beans Rs 70, long beans Rs 100,  new potatoes Rs 60, and old potatoes Rs 35 per kg. Similarly, the price of green chilly has reached Rs 150 per kg,  gourd and pumpkin Rs 40 to Rs 50. Consumers have said that the prices of other consuming goods have gone up even though the prices of gourd and pumpkin have remained stable. 

“The price of green vegetables has gone beyond the reach of average consumers,” a local Dal Bahadur Thapa Magar said, “Poor communities have been hit hard by the rising prices of cooking gas and vegetables.” Another consumer, Narayan Yadav criticized the government’s policy of reducing the prices of petrol and diesel used by the rich, but not the price of cooking gas used by the poor.

In comparison with other months, the production of vegetables has been very low in the Terai districts due to the rainy season.  In order to meet the demand in the urban areas of Terai, vegetables had to be supplied from the hill districts and that is the reason why prices go up in the rainy season but consumers complain that the prices have grown sharply in the current rainy season. He said that despite the unnatural rise in prices, no one has taken any initiative to monitor and control the rising prices of almost everything.