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GG London Bhatbhateni offers special attire and jewelry for Gurung community

The Nepal Weekly
June 28, 2022

Ganesh Gurung, who has returned home after spending more than a decade in foreign country for employment, now ventured to open a special outlet at Tokha Municipality in Kathmandu district focusing on Gurung culture. GG London Bhatbhateni, owned by Gurung, located in front of Bhatbhateni in Tokha features traditional Gurung attire, made from imported quality raw materials and various jewelry items.

“After quitting foreign job I wanted to do something in my own country by utilizing the know-how, skills and money earned from abroad,” he said adding “I wanted to preserve the fast vanishing Gurung culture and tradition as the younger generation are being influenced by foreign culture and lifestyle.” Singapore Lungi, Makhmali Ghalek, woolen shawl, Tartan Shawl, Malena Shawl, Handmade sweater from UK, bead necklace, necklace made of coin, necklace made of coral beads are some of the items on display at the shop.

His shop includes traditional attires and jewelry items belonging to Gurung, Rai, Tamang and Limbu community people. Also on the display at the shop are imported shoes and attractive hand bags. After returning from foreign job, I have the keen desire to serve the country by focusing on preserving ethnic dresses and various other cultural items. In the future, he also plans to establish his own garment factory to produce traditional attire belonging to the ethnic community. The shop also offers 12 percent opening discount for one week on different items.