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KMC Mayor announces policies and programmes

The Nepal Weekly
June 21, 2022

Mayor of the Kathmandu Metropolis City (KMC), Balendra Shah, on Sunday, announced the Policy and Programmes of KMC for the fiscal year 2022/23 under his leadership.

Shah, who was elected on May 29, has prepared the programme by incorporating the promises of the election manifesto and suggestions from various experts and stakeholders. He has also included the programs of other parties in the policy and programme so that he can get the support of the ward chairmen.

“Our first duty is to preserve, promote and promote the history, culture, heritage and civilization of Kathmandu. Culture-based tourism is the first area of   Kathmandu’s potential.” Mayor Shah stated. Kathmandu is going to be the starting point for sustainable and scientific management of waste management, he mentioned.

Mayor Shah has proposed special policies and programmes for thematic areas such as education, health, employment, entrepreneurship, social development, youth and sports, physical infrastructure development, public transport, drinking water and sanitation, disaster management, justice and human rights promotion. These points were also mentioned in the commitments he had expressed before the election.

He has mentioned that necessary legal process will be carried out to legalise Ayelaa, the traditionally produced liquor in the Newar households and branding it to introduce in the international market.

Preparing a profile of festival and cultural activities of Kathmandu is also mentioned in the policy and programmes of KMC. It is mentioned that to brand the festivals and fairs in Kathmandu internationally the KMC will continue inviting heads, deputy heads and representatives of international cities in Indrajatra mainly.

There is also a plan to continue the Guthi programme in order to conserve intangible heritage – religious, cultural and historical monasteries, temples, Hitis, ponds, bahaa, bahii etc.

In the policy and programme, arrangements have been made to sort out the waste at source for reuse and processing and special concession in fee has been announced for the residents of the metropolis who make garbage at home.

The policy calls for reducing waste generation, facilitating waste collection, transportation and final management, banning plastic bags, promoting paper and cloth bags, and increasing greenery in park construction. Now the directive order of the Supreme Court will be implemented by making a law. Construction of ponds at unused public lands is also part of the policy and programmes. That will help recharge underground water system.

The policy and programmes also include creating a traditional style ruckus at bus stops in the Kathmandu metropolis and arranging for the operation of an ambulance service, which were part of his election commitments.

There is also the issue of managing the public transport system in collaboration with municipalities and discouraging road trade. The policy envisages to study the feasibility of underground parking with reverse boring on land adjacent to open platform.

The policy and programmes also includes community school teachers to exchange technology-friendly skills, teaching skills, capacity building and good practice teaching and learning.

Participating elected local leaders

The Policy and Programmes includes a metropolitan education reform plan. 11 technical subjects are being taught continuously in the local curriculum and two more subjects have been included in the policy and programme. Similarly, there are programs for setting up and running ward level community learning centres, regular health check-up of students, assembling fire control equipment in schools. This is mentioned in the policy to make Durbar High School a national level model school.

The policy to prepare a digital profile of physical infrastructure including roads, sewerage, drinking water pipelines, roads, light telephones has been included in the Infrastructure Development Policy. There is also a program to upgrade footpaths, make community schools, public institutions and public toilets disabled and gender friendly.

The metropolis has also incorporated good promises made by various political parties in the elections in its policies and programs. The policy and program also includes the protection of public lands and the construction of parks made public by CPN-UML.

By Ram Dangol