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Foreign Policy Lecture Series

The Nepal Weekly
June 14, 2022

By TNW correspondent

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nepal launched Professor Yadu Nath Khanal Lecture Series on June 7, 2022 through talk on Foreign Policy of Nepal: Past, Present and Future.

The key-note speech on the theme was given by Professor Surya P. Subedi, DPhil and DCL (Oxford). Dr. Subedi ranks among an exceptional group of international jurists with practical experience of successfully navigating the political landscape in different countries and international organizations to bring opposing sides together to resolve conflicts.

According to the FM, the lecture series have been dedicated to the contribution that late Khanal made for the development and intellectualization of Nepal’s foreign policy and the important dimension that he added to the conduct of diplomacy at crucial times. Late Khanal is known for his sharpness of judgment on how Nepal could successfully pursue its vital national interests amidst many constraints and uncertainties.

Dr. Subedi in his speech observed: “the foreign policy of Nepal must have a global outlook, it must go beyond its preoccupation with the management of relations with its two immediate neighbours.” The country, he said, is a cradle of Hindu-Buddhist civilizations and has served as a bridge between the Indian and Chinese civilizations for millennia, spreading the message of peace, universalism, multi-culturalism and tolerance.

“Therefore there is every prospect of more prosperity for Nepal, provided that the country is able to put in place sensible policies designed to exploit its comparative advantage and its geostrategic status.”