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Rakshya Thakuri making path way to film world through ‘Bato’

The Nepal Weekly
June 14, 2022

TNW: What are you doing currently?

Rakshya Thapa: I am preparing for a feature film entitled ‘Bato.’ My shooting will start from Tuesday.

TNW: What type of film is it and what kind of role are you doing?

I am doing the role of a nurse. It’s a thriller type of movie.

TNW: Some details about the movie?

I am playing the role of an actress opposite Utpal Jha. Madan Thapa is the producer and Chandan is director of the movie.

TNW: How were you attracted towards the field of glamour and acting?

After finishing my ten plus 2 exams I joined theatre class at Mandela during the gap period. Then I started loving the field of acting. But I have not yet done acting actually. Bato will be my first venture in this field.

TNW: Have you also done modeling ?

Yes, of course, I have participated in fashion shows and done a number of modeling assignments. I have done modeling for Wai wai, Pathao and scooters. I have also done over a dozen modeling assignments for music videos.

TNW: What about your studies ?

I have completed my Bachelor’s Degree examination and waiting for the result. My major subjects are Sociology and Journalism.

TNW: Which career you want to pursue ultimately?

At present I am interested in the field of acting. But later on I want to make films and also work as a director.

TNW: How did you spend your time during the lockdown ?

I spent my leisure time mostly with family members, eating, chatting and sometimes watching movies. I also used to read some books, do my college assignments and sometimes I did painting too.

TNW: What type of actress would you want to be called yourself?

I want myself to be known as a versatile actress. I want to perform different kinds of role in the film.

TNW: As a model and an actress what weakness do you think that you possess?

I feel uneasy to perform in front of a crowd. I will feel uncomfortable if many people from the audience are watching me.

TNW: What is your opinion about the impact of climate change in today’s world ?

I think climate change is the result of our own action. If we change our behaviour and take effective measures to combat, it is possible to reverse the impact.

TNW: How do you view the incident of misbehavior allegedly done by a Buddhist monk to actress of Kabaddi – 4 Miruna Magar ?

What she had done immediately as a reaction was a normal thing. I would also have done the same in that case. As the Buddhist monk has also apologized for the incident, it should not be made a big issue.

TNW: What about the incident of sexual exploitation by actor Pal Shah to the minor girl Samiksha ?

It was a very sad incident. As the girl involved was minor, no one could escape legal action for just being an actor in such a serious types sexual offence. I wonder how people turned here hypocrite, as those taking side of Shah against the minor girl were criticizing Manoj Pandey, who was involved in raping another minor girl, the participant of a beauty pageant eight years back.