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Fresh race for joining government

The Nepal Weekly
June 7, 2022

By TNW correspondent

Politicos in Nepal are in for a fresh race for joining government at federal and provincial level. As soon as the ruling coalition partner CPN Socialist Unified took step to replace some of its ministers, others also voiced for the same in their own ways.

Prime Minister Deuba appears to be under pressure from various coalition partners for dropping some ministers and appointing fresh ones. Nepali Congress leaders are also stressing cabinet reshuffle as a response to results of the local polls.

One analyst said if there is reshuffle at the centre other provincial capitals will also imitate the strategy for chief ministers there are already under influence by some politicos to go for changing hands in provincial government.

Changing ministerial faces in Nepal is not for accomplishing some targets; it is simply pleasing politicos for a cause. Some provinces do this for political balance while others do so for rewarding some and penalizing others.

All the ministries at the provincial levels are already overloaded. Chief Ministers there understand this. Yet they cannot do anything to change this because of compulsion to please supporters.

According to one insider, PM Deuba will undertake the task of changing cabinet only after thorough discussion with all coalition partners. Since he is determined to continue the coalition partnership through parliamentary and provincial elections, he will not reshuffle until a joint strategy for this at the Centre and provinces is worked out.

“The cabinet change this time will be for a broad purpose and it will be a part of poll strategy,” said a media analyst adding “politicos with less influence among voters and less popularity will not be considered.”