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100 Nepalese get chance to participate in Learn and Earn Program in Israel

The Nepal Weekly
June 7, 2022

Dr. Yuval Kaye, Director of the Ramat Negev International Training Center for Advanced Agriculture and Alon Melchior visited Chitwan to conduct interviews at the Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU) in Rampur. The interviews were conducted in the presence of Prof. Dr. Punya Prasad Regmi, Vice Chancellor, AFU and Israeli Ambassador Hanan Goder. Applicants selected from the lottery were interviewed and among them, 100 candidates were chosen for the “Learn & Earn Program” in The Ramat Negev International Training Center for Advanced Agriculture in Israel, according to a press release issued by Israel Embassy, Kathmandu.

This program is theory and practical combined project. The training consists of one whole day theoretical study at the college and five full day practical work. Salaries of Nepali participants will be according to Israeli standards. The students were selected through lottery and interview. Upon returning from the extensive training of 11 months, the students will share their knowledge, apply modern technology and learned skills from Israel with their families and fellow farmers in Nepal.

“The Embassy wishes them good luck on their journey and believes that they will come back with new skills and enthusiasm to devote their future in the agriculture sector,” reads the press release. While on the visit, Ambassador Hanan Goder had a meeting with Ms. Renu Dahal, Mayor of Bharatpur Metropolitan City on Friday and discussed about cooperation in agricultural sector and other mutually. More than 3,000 Nepalese have so far participated in the “Learn and Earn Program” since it was launched in the year 2013. Many of the Israel returnees have applied modern farming all over Nepal.