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People’s verdict


The Nepal Weekly
May 24, 2022

Nepali voters have, in offering their verdict in local level elections, clarified that political parties should be careful in responding to public concern, need and grievances. If they fail to be responsive, they have warned, alternative way of bypassing political parties will be pursued in future. The way people sidelined the political parties with rich history of struggle and experience in power structure in some key areas is an indicator of the same. It will be wise on the part of seasoned political parties to take the message of the people’s verdict 2079 B.S. seriously. Their future political strategy should be guided by the great public decision. The voter turnout this time was lower than expected and that of polls held five years ago. That is a pointer of how political parties could not perform impressively over the past five years when they passed most time in the midst of in-party squabble. Leaders’ addiction to political quarrel over sharing power and position for most of the five years has compelled people to be frustrated over political leaders and their organizations. If they do not improve on it and concentrate on delivery of public services in future they will further lose the public support base. The opposition party which believed and also claimed to restore its first place in politics has been pushed to the second position. The poll-alliance has been rewarded and the ruling parties have got something substantial to save their face  and also image in public. Although opportunistic in nature, the alliance has been instrumental in keeping the democratic structure of local government intact and continuing. Because of this, the federalism adopted by the country five years ago has received continuity and if the next five years are spent focusing on constructive politics, helpful public service and development works the country’s political system and governance envisioned by the constitution will be further strengthened. The electoral process through which this has been made possible and because of which voters have been able to articulate their decision for the next five years should be further sustained, consolidated and democratized.