June 30, 2022, Thursday
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‘People wanted me to get re-elected to the post of Nagarjun Mayor to complete the unfinished tasks’

Mohan Bahadur Basnet

The Nepal Weekly
May 10, 2022

(Mohan Bahadur Basnet, 61,  has already served as Mayor of this beautiful Nagarjung Municipality for the past five years. As the people of the municipality want to see him in the same position for the next five years’ term, he has decided to contest the election once again. He has performed many works relating to development of the mucnicipality and built infrastructure. Here are excerpts from an encounter with Mayoral candidate Basnet in the current political and social issues.)

TNW: What type of response are you getting from voters as the local polls are approaching?

Mohan B. Basnet: As the electioneering is progressing we are witnessing enthusiastic participation of the people in the election process in our municipality. There is an active participation of cadres belonging to Nepali Congress and other political parties in the election campaign. We have done lots of development and construction works and made progress in the areas of transportation, education, health, drinking water, garbage collection etc. in the past five years.

TNW: Would you highlight some important works you have performed as the Mayor in the past five year’s tenure?

Basnet: First of all we formulated necessary rules and regulations, built infrastructures, roads and administrative buildings. When I took the responsibility of the municipality as the new Mayor, there were no elected representatives in the local bodies for 18 years due to the Maoist insurgency. There were no health posts, hospitals and children’s parks in our municipality at that time. The two year long Covid – 19 pandemic also adversely affected our work performance. We have almost completed works relating to bringing drinking water to the municipality from Melamchi Project. Many works relating to construction of infrastructures such as roads and  were forwarded during my tenure. We have made available drinking water built roads and installed sewerage system in almost all the wards in the municipality. We have also constructed 11 km long alternative highway from Sitapaila to Tarkeshwor Thulo Khola area. Many community schools have been converted into vocational schools. Besides these, we have also developed and expanded playing grounds in our municipality. We have distributed 50,000 saplings of variety of fruits to reduce environmental pollution, provided goats to 500 farmers and also distributed stitching machines to underprivileged people. We have also distributed Rs. 10 lakh to five women involved in agriculture, Rs. 5 lakh to another five women and Rs. 1 lakh to another 5 women for involving themselves in income generating activities. The municipality has also distributed Rs. 5,000 each to pregnant women and also to the Covid -19 patients. We have also distributed agricultural tools free of cost to those who are in need.

TNW: Why did you decide to contest the Mayoral election once again?

The people of this municipality want me to get reelected. As you know there are some works, which we have started and not yet completed. So, the majority of the voters of the municipality want me to continue as the Mayor for the next five years’ term. The Nagarjun is a residential area, which is very much peaceful and rich in natural beauty. I have been planning to provide drinking water, sanitation, transport service and establish good educational institutions and hospitals as well as managing wastage and controlling pollution. Some of these works have been completed and I want to complete the remaining works in my next tenure to develop this area as an I deal residential area.

TNW: What are the major tourist attractions in the municipality?

The White Gumba, Switzerland Park and historic Ichangu Narayan Temple are the major tourist attractions of the municipality. Besides these, the sculpture of Lakhe of Bhairav temple situated in Halchowk and Kumari festival are other major attractions of the municipality. We are also planning to construct a Damphu Park in the municipality to showcase our traditional musical instruments. The works relating to construction of Ganesh Man Park in Ramkot are  in the final stage of completion.

What are your priorities if you get reelected to the post of the Mayor?

I will make arrangements for providing works to the youths in our municipality in the areas of agriculture, tourism and industry under self-employment programme so that they do not need to go abroad for employment purposes. We are also planning to convert community schools into vocational education centres. We are also considering to make the municipality an IT hub by providing necessary facilities. We have also established a Manav Sewa Ashram in the municipality where poor and helpless people can get free accommodation, food and clothes. For this we have received Rs. 180 million assistance from Kathmandu Metropolitan City and a building has already been constructed for the purpose. Altogether 300 poor and helpless people are currently residing in this ashram and they are being provided with food, clothing and medicines free of cost.

TNW: Besides, do you have any message to convey to the voters through this weekly?

We are committed to the principles of democracy, rule of law and human rights. May aim for getting involved in the politics is to deliver series to the people in easy and comfortable manner and to maintain economic transparency and make the people the presence of good governance in the municipality. I have spent my entire life for the cause of welfare of the people. People of the municipality want me to repeat the term as the Mayor of the municipality and I have decided to contest the election by respecting their  honour and aspiration.