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Chitawan reports deaths of 34 rhinos since July

The Nepal Weekly
April 27, 2022

The Chitwan National Park (CNP) so far reported the death of 34 rhinoc eroses in the past nine months of the current fiscal that begun on mid-July. Of them, two died due to poaching while remaining died due to other reasons. The park recorded the deaths of 33 rhinos last fiscal year.    

According to park information officer Ganesh Prasad Tiwari, a significant number of rhinos died in mutual fighting while some others died after falling in to swamps and pits. Some deaths were due to ageing and also from tiger attacks.   

 With an increasing number of rhinos in the park, the deaths from others causes besides poaching are also on the rise, suggesting an immediate need for taking timely preventive measures.    

Deaths from natural calamities are high during rains. The park is aware of preventing the avoidable deaths of the animals, it is said.    

The western part of the park serves as a major habitat for rhinos and the deaths from natural causes are more in the area.    

Park chief conservation officer Haribhadra Acharya said discussions were underway to transfer some rhino populations from the west to the east with adequate management of water and vegetation.    

The latest rhino census reveals that Chitwan is home to 694 rhinos followed by 38 in Bardiya, 17 in Shuklaphanta, and three in Parsa.