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A one-day hike to Shivapuri

The Nepal Weekly
March 29, 2022

In everyday chaos and busy life schedule, people forget to live the life they want. So, for a break from the monotonous schedule, a one-day hike was organized by Land our Future last Saturday. There were altogether 21 members who participated enthusiastically in the hiking to make it successful and remarkable. The group was led by the coordinator of Land our Future, Miss Sarita Chaulagain.

The starting point of the trip was from the Budanilkantha temple that led to one of the entrance points to the national park, from where we need to walk for about 30 minutes to reach the main entrance. Considering the views of majority of the participating members, Bishnudwar was decided as the final destination.

Located at the height of 1,950 meters, Bishnudwar is the place of origin of the Bishnumati river, one of the lifelines of Kathmandu. It carries cultural value for both Hindus and Buddhists. It took around 3 hours to reach Bishnudwar. During the journey, everyone felt the cool air, the scenic beauty of rhododendron along with other varieties of floras, and the mesmerizing sound from waterfalls. Though we encountered many waterfall on the road, the one at Bishnudwar was the most remarkable. The picturesque view of Kathmandu city from the top captured many eyes while the fresh air refreshed minds.

Shivapuri has been one of the most chosen destinations for planning out a day hike. It has been the main center of attraction for domestic tourists. The major destinations within the park include Nagi Gumba, Baghdwar, Bishnudwar, and Sivapuri Peak. Besides, people go for cycling, trekking, bird watching, and jungle walking.

The wildlife and vegetation found add beauty to the national park. It has been rich in floral diversity sheltering around 2,122 species of plants. The dominant vegetation includes pine, oak, rhododendron, etc. Also, in the faunal diversity, it is home to 24 species of mammals including Common Leopard, Himalayan Black Bear, Sambar, Barking Deer, etc., 318 species of bird including Spiny Babbler, and 106 species of moths and butterflies.

However, there were a few shortcomings from the side of the National Park Management Committee that could be improved. Firstly, they could focus on improving the navigation with additional signboards to guide different routes. It will be helpful for beginners or those who might get easily lost during hikes. Secondly, they should provide proper solutions for managing trashes and waste materials. It will keep the area clean and free from waste materials and lessen the burden of carrying the trash while climbing down the hill. Improving all the lacking will increase the tourist rate in the area and enhance the tourism sector of Nepal. The mini-trek provided an opportunity to gather physically, the members of the Land Our Future after a gap of two years due to the Covid- 19 pandemic.