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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: key events, day 33

The Nepal Weekly
March 29, 2022
Russia-Ukraine war news summary | 9 March 2022 -

–        After failing to take over the whole country, Russia tries to split Ukraine in two to create a Moscow-controlled region, the head of Ukrainian military intelligence said.

–        Luhansk, a Russian-backed eastern Ukrainian rebel region, says it may hold a referendum on joining Russia, drawing a warning from Kyiv that any such vote would have no legal basis and trigger a strong international response.

–        Russia continues its “full-scale armed aggression”, while Ukrainian forces repulsed seven attacks in the eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, Ukraine’s army has said.

–        Ukraine’s deputy prime minister says Russian forces were “militarising” an exclusion zone around the occupied Chernobyl power station.

–        The UN refugee agency UNHCR says 3,821,049 Ukrainians have already fled the country – an increase of 48,450 from the previous day.

–        The International Committee of the Red Cross denies accusations it helped with forced evacuations of Ukrainians to Russia.