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NAST bringing together innovators from all over Nepal

The Nepal Weekly
March 15, 2022

Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) is preparing to bring together innovators from all over the country. Reaching all the seven provinces, NAST has started a nationwide campaign last year to get information about the statistics and status of the innovators. Ravindra Dhakal, head of NAST’s Faculty of Technology, said that the list of innovators has been prepared through the National Innovation Electronic Network to connect them on a single platform. Dhakal, who is also the network’s coordinator, said, “We have launched a nationwide campaign to compile a list of innovators from across the country and to profile their work.”

In the first phase, the network site has been created. In collaboration with the Robotics Association of Nepal and other organizations, it is interacting with the youths who are creating new technologies in all the states. Till Wednesday, information has been taken about the innovative conferences in Dharan of Province 1, Birgunj of Madhes Province, Dhangadhi of Far West and Surkhet of Karnali and their condition. Under the campaign, the materials made by the youths are being displayed at the same time in every state. He said that interaction will be held in Butwal of Lumbini province on Thursday and Lamachaur of Pokhara in Gandaki province on Saturday. Dhakal said that work is being carried out to provide encouragement to the youths working in innovation and to collect data through electronic network and find solutions.

Information Access Center operation:

Meanwhile, NAST’s mobile information access center has finally come into operation. The center, which was set up with the help of the Korean government to provide information on information technology to the people, came into operation after three months. Built inside the bus, the center can provide IT related training to 20 people. The ICT bus is being used as part of Nast’s nationwide data collection drive. So far, they have provided information about the mobile information access center to 300 students, said Dhakal.