May 22, 2024, Wednesday
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STC announces 10 percent bonus shares

The Nepal Weekly
March 15, 2022

The board of directors’ meeting of Salt Trading Corporation on Sunday proposed to distribute bonus and dividends to its shareholders from its net profit of the year 2077/78 B.S. The STC has decided to provide 10 percent bonus share and 0.5 percent cash dividends to the shareholders, according to STC management. The proposed dividends will be distributed after the general assembly of the STC endorses the decision. Previous year, the STC had distributed 20 percent Bonus Shares and 5 percent cash dividends to the shareholders.

STC was established in 2020 B.S. as a private public partnership entity for supplying essential goods to the Nepalese people. The government has 78 percent stake in the STC’s share while the remaining shares are held by private sector. Despite the Covid – 19 pandemic STC has been successful in distributing dividends to its shareholders and providing service to the customers.