May 24, 2022, Tuesday
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‘International Folk Culture Fair 2078’ held

The Nepal Weekly
March 8, 2022

The 11th International Folk Culture Fair 2078 was organized virtually on March 6 and 7.

The festival, organized by Everest Nepal Cultural Group, was held virtually this time due to Corona pandemic . According to festival program coordinator Jogendra KC, this time Estonia, Mexico, Bangladesh, Bolivia, India, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Egypt, Lithuania, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Israel, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, South Africa , Zimbabwe and 24 more countries including Nepal took part in the event. Organized regularly bi-annually, the Folk Culture Festival aims to develop, expand, and juggle various aspects of endangered folk culture, tunes, dances, and songs around the world.

 The festival started in 2059 BS with the slogan ‘Welcome of Tourist Artist, Basis of Nepali Folk Culture.’. The 10th International Folk Culture Fair was organized in 2076 BS. From the first to the tenth edition of the fair, more than 5,500 artists from more than 55 countries had presented various folk cultures and arts reflecting the originality of their respective countries. This time, the festival featured Nepali cultural dances including Magauta dance of Tharu community of Western Terai, Kauda dance of Gurung, Magars of Gandaki Province and Bhairav, Kali and Lakhe of Bagmati province.