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Akimitsu Okubo assigned as Chief Representative of JICA Nepal Office

The Nepal Weekly
February 22, 2022

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) appoints Mr. Akimitsu Okubo as its new Chief Representative for JICA Nepal Office.

Mr. Okubo will take over Ms. Yumiko Asakuma who recently completed her tenure in Nepal. Prior to this assignment Mr. Okubo was working as the Senior Representative of JICA Nepal Office since Aug 2021.

He began his career in JICA from 1998, mainly working in the governance sector handling international cooperation. He particularly contributed as the Director of Law and Justice Team of Governance Group of JICA headquarters in Tokyo (2014-2018)and was responsible in formulation and management of legal projects not only in Nepal but also many other nations, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, and West African countries. On the other hand, in order to raise awareness of legal cooperation in the public, he took the initiative in editing a publication, “Legal Cooperation in Japanese Style,” in 2017. He also served as Director of Legal Affairs Division in the headquarters of JICA in Tokyo before coming to Nepal.

Mr. Okubo holds a bachelor’s degree of law from the University of Tokyo (1993) and a master’s degree of law from Cornell Law School (2005).

Mr. Okubo is privileged to lead JICA Nepal Office as its new Chief Representative and expressed his commitment in providing continued support to the people of Nepal and its government together with colleagues of JICA Nepal Office in enhancing development and prosperity in Nepal by realizing JICA’s vision “Leading the World with Trust”.