April 18, 2024, Thursday
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Himalyan Airlanes resumes flights for Saudi Arabia

The Nepal Weekly
February 22, 2022

Owing to the unavailability of flying permission from Saudi Civil Aviation, Himalaya Airlines had halted operating its flights to/from Dammam and Riyadh from 9 to 12 February, 2022.

Now that Saudi Civil Aviation has started issuing flying permissions, regular flights for the above-mentioned sectors have been resumed 13 February, 2022, Sunday onwards.

The passengers who had reached the airport on 9 & 10 February, 2022 were facilitated for full refund of their tickets and accommodation were arranged on a case to case basis. Further, passengers who had pre-booked their tickets after 10 February, 2022 for these sectors can apply for a full refund or free re-scheduling through their respective travel agencies or the sales office of Himalaya Airlines.

Addressing the issue at hand, Mr. Vijay Shrestha, Vice-President Administration has clarified, “We had been continuously working towards resolving the problems of our passengers and also been trying to resolve the matter with Saudi Civil Aviation.”

Meanwhile, Himalaya Airlines also wants to humbly request all media agencies and news portals to publish such news after prior verification with the airline.