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Gas production from organic waste starts for the first time

The Nepal Weekly
February 22, 2022

In Nepal gas production from organic waste has been started for the first time. Gas production has started in Garragaon, Tulsipur Ghorahi sub-metropolitan ward no 16.  Production has been started from the structure constructed on two bigha 12 kattha land in Garragaon.

Nepal Energy Development Company Pvt. Ltd. has started producing biogas. Harisharan Shrestha, branch manager of the production center, informed that the structure was constructed at a cost of Rs 198.5 million. Shrestha said that 25 million would be spent on the pipeline. It is said that it will cost Rs 225 million to supply the gas produced from wastage to households.

Gas produced from bio-gas will be distributed through pipes in Ward No. 10 Narayanpur and Ward No. 16 Sarra of Ghorahi Sub-metropolis. The gas will be delivered to 750 households through pipeline in the initial phase. The capacity of the structure is to send bio-gas to 1,500 households. According to Harisharan Shrestha, manager of the center, after the completing installation of the pipeline, 150 households will be connected to the pipeline within April.

Ghorahi Sub-metropolis had received 40 percent of the grant from the federal government for the construction of bio-gas infrastructure and the remaining 60 percent was invested by Nepal Energy Development Company Pvt Ltd. Ghorahi Sub-metropolis had called tender for the construction of the structure . Mayor Narulal Chaudhary informed that the municipality has demanded money from the federal government for the development of organic waste in the form of energy and the work has started after the demand. He said that linking waste with production would be beneficial for both the parties while adding problems in waste management.

The constructed structure will be operated by Nepal Energy Development Company for 20 years and then the structure will be handed over to the sub-metropolis. An agreement has been reached to provide five percent of the income to the municipality for 20 years.

Although 25 tons of organic waste is required for the processing center, at present only 700 kg of organic waste is being collected daily from Ghorahi sub-metropolis. The people using biogas will have to pay Rs. 300 less than those using LP gas on monthly basis. Meters will be installed in the house of the consumers who will have to pay the charges as per their consumption.