May 25, 2022, Wednesday
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‘My Wife is an Alien’ and the superhero movie ‘Super Dhane’ announced

The Nepal Weekly
February 1, 2022

The production of the science fiction web series ‘My Wife Is an Alien’ and the superhero movie ‘Super Dhane’ have been announced. The web series ‘My Wife Is an Alien’ was unleashed on Saturday. The trailer of this web series has also been screened. Pragya Joshi is the presenter of the web series produced under the banner of Namaste Talkies and Cinema Hub. Dinesh Shrestha is the producer of the web series directed by Sumit Singh.

The writers of the web series are Sumit Singh and Rajan Maharjan . The web series stars Nir Shah, Pragya Joshi, Buddhi Tamang, Gaurav Pahari, Rista Basnet, Saroj Dahal, Manish Dolakhali, Ravina Vastakoti, Talisa Gurung and RJ Singh among others. RJ Singh is the executive producer of the science fiction web series.

The series will be filmed, edited and VFX by John Rye. The series will have music by Vikas Chaudhary and will have a total of 5 episodes.

The movie ‘Super Dhane’, which will be made in collaboration with the same team, will start shooting from November next year. The film will be shot in Nepal and Europe, informed director Singh.