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It is the responsibility of all to manage foreign employment sector : Minister Shrestha

The Nepal Weekly
January 25, 2022

Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security Krishna Kumar Shrestha has said that the federal government will cooperate with local and provincial governments for security of foreign employment . Speaking at a programme organized to review progress of the third phase of SAMI (Safe Migration) and future working plan in Pokhara minister Shrestha said the federal government will move forward through regular interaction and collaboration with the local and provincial governments as the safety of migrant workers is the matter of concern for all.

Although the remittance received from the migrant workers keeps the national economy moving on, we should also keep in mind the negative effects and challenges of the remittance, Shrestha said. He also underlined the need to forge cooperation and collaboration among the local, provincial and federal governments in the matters relating to policy reforms, cost sharing and effective implementation to address the challenges. Although the priority of the government is to create employment opportunities within the country and to end compulsive foreign employment, it is the responsibility of the government to manage the entire foreign employment sector giving top priority at this time.

The Safe Immigration Project is currently in operation as per the agreement signed between the Government of Nepal and Switzerland to make foreign employment safe, dignified and exploitation free, he pointed out. This project is being implemented under the leadership of the federal government in and the provincial governments are coordinating and monitoring them, while the local level governments are acting as implementing agencies.

Under this project secured information has been provided to 451,000 people about foreign employment while free legal consultations have been provided to 13,077 people. Similarly, psychological counselling have been provided to 23,417 and financial literacy to 21,000 people. The project also provided free skill development training to 3,551 people, according to the ministry.