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Book on GM Singh, the supreme leader of 1990 Movement, released

The Nepal Weekly
January 25, 2022

“Nepal’s democracy is currently facing a threat as there is no great personality like Ganesh Man Singh, who played the role of a watch dog to safeguard democracy after leading the People’s Movement of 1990 that restored multiparty democracy,” remarked speakers at a function organized to release the book titled “The Struggle of Ganesh Man Singh,” by Singh’s daughter Dr. Meeta Singh at Chaksibari, Kathmandu on Saturday.

“Today’s youths should get inspiration from Ganesh Man Singh, who spent half of his 60 year political career either in jail or in exile in India,” remarked senior Nepali Congress leader Prakash Man Singh, who is also the son of veteran leaders Singh, while releasing the book titled.

“He dedicated his entire life in establishing democracy in the country, maintaining democratic values and transforming the society,” he pointed out. Singh’s main focus was bringing about economic revolution and inclusiveness in the country after the success of the People’s Movement of 1990,” noted former deputy Prime Minister Singh.

The book written in English language will help the international community to get acquainted with the contributions made by late Singh and the contemporary Nepalese politics, he added.

“Greatly inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, who selflessly dedicated his entire life to the service of the people of India, Singh showed the examples of integrity, empathy and compassion, from which today’s youth can learn many lessons,” pointed out author Meeta Singh, daughter of late Singh.

“G.M. Singh led the struggle for democracy twice during his lifetime, in 1950 against the Rana oligarchy and then in 1990 against the autocratic partyless Panchayat System,” she pointed out. 

“Democratic struggle of 1990 could not have succeeded without Singh’s leadership as he was the only person who could unite the Nepali Congress Party and the United Left Front to launch struggle against the autocratic regime” pointed out senior journalist Kanak Mani Dixit, commenting on the book.

“GM Singh was a legendary personality having magnetic personality, is known as one of the main character in Nepal’s contemporary political history,” remarked human rights activist Kapil Shrestha. India’s Shangri-la Books India Ltd. is the co-publisher of the  184 page book published by Shangri-La Pustak, Nepal.