December 8, 2022, Thursday
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FNCCI – EMSON discuss on problems related with economic media

We are serious about the issues: Golchha

The Nepal Weekly
January 13, 2022

The representatives of Economic Media Society Nepal (EMSON) met Shekhar Golchha, President of Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FNCCI) on Tuesday in Kathmandu to discuss the problems and limitations facing economic media.

The meeting was aimed at drawing attention of the federation, the umbrella organization of the private entrepreneurs and industrialists, towards the problems facing the economic media, that has been playing active role in disseminating information to the people despite the ongoing Covid – 19 pandemic.

Although online media outlets have become popular and effective medium for disseminating information lately, the government’s attitude towards them cannot be termed as positive. Despite the important role played by the online media in disseminating information in the society the government has not yet entrusted them for publishing public information of various government bodies. The multi-national companies being operated within Nepal have spent only negligible amount in the form of advertisement and billions of rupees money are going abroad through unauthorized use of social media network for advertisement. These are some of the issues towards which the EMSON drew the attention of FNCCI. These are the factors contributing to the elimination of the genuine Nepalese media from the country, according to EMSON.

Responding to the EMSON representatives’ views, Golchha said that the issues raised by EMSON are genuine. So it will be discussed seriously during FNCCI meetings and efforts will be made to find a way-out. He also expressed the view that some online media outlets lack professionalism. The growing number of online media outlets and lack of regulatory mechanism are some of the challenges facing the media sector, he pointed out adding that “the government did not pay any interest when we put forwards these issues.” Though we cannot totally control the huge amount of money going abroad through advertisement in social media, we are in favour of introducing a regulatory mechanism so that it can be reduced, he said. The FNCCI chief also urged the government to distribute its advertisements among the Nepalese media outlets in a transparent and justifiable manner. He also urged the EMSON to support FNCCI’s efforts to promoting industrial development in the country and creating a conducive environment in Nepal for foreign investment.

Golchha also expressed the view that the government and media both are doing excess to defame Batas Group, which is not a palatable for business community. Thus, doing business must not be taken as a crime. However, those whoever involved in making the situation worst must be punished, he added. On the occasion, FNCCI President also mentioned that Millennium Challenge Cooperation (MCC) should be endorsed to accept the US cooperation. Criticizing neighbours, friendly countries and others cannot bring any benefit to us, he pointed out.

EMSON also submitted a written request to FNCCI for possible interventions.