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Preparing enabling environment for polls

The Nepal Weekly
January 11, 2022

By TNW Correspondent

Preparing enabling environment for polls in the country should be one important agenda for the government and the political parties. It is highly essential because  three levels of elections should be held in six months and one year to ensure continuity of federalism and political stability.

Senior politicos mentioned the point as they discussed current affairs of the country this week in public forums. A number of media outlets have also underlined the need to prepare atmosphere for polls throughout the country in their concluding comment on national conventions of major political parties in recent times.

Preparing the country’s population for polls in the midst of the third wave of corona virus is further complicated. Yet efforts should be made towards this without losing any energy or sight on public health  issues, they opined. “The experience gained by government, other institutions, agencies and the public in the first and second wave of the virus could guide their decisions and practice this time in a better waa.”

As for the timing of the polls political consensus could be built through talks and empowering the Election Commission for the free and fair polls is another agenda that cannot escape the attention of politicos and democratic institutions.

Seasoned politicos warn against deferred or delayed polls. They point out the decades in which the local bodies did not have elected leadership in the past. The same had resulted in a number of difficulties in the country particularly in times of crisis and in according focused approach to development works.  “All should understand that holding polls on time helps democratic practice and development process and this should never be interfered with under any excuse by anybody.