December 8, 2022, Thursday
Nepal 1:37:26 pm

Pursuing the path of dialogue


The Nepal Weekly
January 11, 2022

That Prime Minister Deuba went to visit opposition leader and former Prime Minister K.P. Oli in his residence and sought solution to pressing issues facing the nation today is inspiring for all those who believe in democratic values particularly the significance of dialogue. To look for some common ground and work a way out of current obstacles encountering the parliament and other areas in the country is great. Both PM Deuba and Oli are the persons who bear ultimate responsibility of tackling national problems. As Deuba is in ruling front and Oli in opposition bench, the former has some more accountability of being responsive to problems. The initiative he took in discussing issues with Oli is therefore a welcome move and should be appreciated. Both had not been together for talks for quite some time after they witnessed their positions in Singha Durbar and parliament changing sides. Since both are politicians having myriad experiences of politics they understand pains and pleasures of being in government and opposition. Both being old timers with recently renewed leadership for perhaps last time in their lives also share the pressure from their cadre of youth-generation for changing political style and tone as per the modern dynamics of politics. They also understand their duty to provide the country with political stability through allowing the current parliament to run its course well and through enabling three tier elections at federal, state and municipal levels to produce the second base for implementing federalism under the republican constitution in the country. They cannot escape from this great responsibility under any excuse for at the moment there is none whom they could pass that responsibility. It is in a sense a joint responsibility for Deuba and Oli. If one fails in it the other does not have any means to succeed. Perhaps inspired by this reality of politics in the country, Deuba opened fresh dialogue with Oli and the latter chose to respond to the PM through standard political practice. Efforts made by both in this regard should therefore be supported by all concerned. Dialogue, after all, is the path to success for all in democracy. It is through talks among top politicians that knotty political problems such as disturbance in parliament, unrest in the country caused by the issue of Millennium Challenge Corporation and other problems could be solved.