December 8, 2022, Thursday
Nepal 1:37:26 pm

Fresh resolution to serve


The Nepal Weekly
January 4, 2022

As The Nepal Weekly enters this week the third decade of service to the readers in the press-world it would like to express fresh resolution for more quality-focused service in future. Dedicated to the broad cause of informed citizenry in the country, the paper along with its team feels glorified to have received continued support from users, readers, advertisers, stakeholders and well-wishers over the time. Had there been no backing, it would have been impossible for the paper to exist in challenging times. All the various diverse experiences the paper gathered in the sector of information-flow, analysis-presentation, interviews, discussions and opinion-formation over the span of two decades have been valuable. The experiences have taught the paper the skills to survive in the digital era when mass media is in competition with the social media in point of breaking news, commentary and various information services. Despite multiple channels to flow information and express opinion  in current times, the paper still feels there is a need for weeklies to serve readers with the information, background, context and meaning they need for making informed decision over issues or problems. The Nepal Weekly also finds its relevance in this regard in current times when people have to draw a meaning out of the information blizzards pumped daily through air or sound or text or image. In order not to let the readers or users be swept away by the ups and downs of signals of the wind, the paper considers its duty to give information full attention from all dimensions to render the same digestible for users in the real sense of the term. Providing information to enable people and facilitate them to move forward positively in life, profession, business and other pursuits is what the paper intends to do with added value and care in days to come. It strongly believes that the task would in its own way contribute to enriching democratic culture in the country while emphasizing various values such as good governance, sustainability, accountability, transparency and integrity in public life.