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Development projects must be need based: Minister Jhakri

The Nepal Weekly
January 4, 2022

Minister for Urban Development Ram Kumari Jhakri has claimed that she would work to bring the practice of selecting a plan from one’s pocket to an end.

While inspecting the under construction Resunga Airport on Friday, she said that she was working to select the plans and projects in a transparent way by ending the practice of selecting projects based on the access to power and through wrong procedures.

Stating that the plans and projects would be selected on the basis of need from the lower level, she opined that any project planned on the interest of particular persons would not address the need of people.

Claiming that she felt that she should do something new after becoming a minister, she said that some new work would surface in the near future.

While inspecting the construction work, Minister Jhakri urged all to work by maintaining quality and standards although construction of the airport does not fall under her ministry. The then Minister of Civil Aviation and Tourism Pradip Kumar Gyawali had laid the foundation stone of the Resunga Airport in 2006. At present, the runway of the airport is being blacktopped and the terminal building is being constructed.