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Nepal received over 150,000 foreign visitors in 2021

The Nepal Weekly
January 4, 2022

Nepal last year received nearly 151,000 foreign tourists despite the global outbreak of corona virus. A total of 150,962 tourists have visited Nepal in 2021, according to officials. The number is 34.4 per cent less as compared to the tourist arrival in the previous year. In 2020 Nepal received 230,085 tourists.

Tourists from Europe constitute the largest share of the tourists who arrived in the country in the year. According to the data published by Nepal Tourism Board, 25,305 tourists from European countries visited to Nepal which is still 30 per cent less from the previous year.

Arrival of foreigners from U.S.A., India and Bangladesh went up as compared to the year 2020. A total of 22,853 tourists from the U.S.A., 64,673 from India and 5,044 tourists from Bangladesh arrived in Nepal in 2021.

However, the arrival of Chinese tourists declined by 67.8 per cent. Last year 19,257 Chinese tourists visited Nepal, whereas this year the number dropped to 6,196.