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Miss Gurung Sandhya wants to pursue career in Banking

The Nepal Weekly
January 4, 2022

Sandhya Gurung, 21, has recently won the Miss Gurung International season 4 award during a beauty pageant organized by Mrightrishna Fashion House in Kathmandu on December 12. Born in Ilam district of Eastern Nepal to father Ganesh Gurung and mother Gopi Maya, Sandhya is currently engaged in teaching English and Social Studies in a school besides continuing her BBS Third Year studies in a college in Kathmandu. Her father is a monk and mother is a housewife. Here are excerpts from an encounter with the soft spoken beautiful girl Sandhya.

TNW: How did you feel after winning the Miss Gurung International award ?

–     I have been able to build up my self confidence after winning Miss Gurung award. It gave me a feeling that I can do something in the society. In fact, the love for Gurung culture grew within me after being successful to win the crown.

TNW: Were you confident about grabbing the crown beforehand?

–     In a way I was expecting the crown but I was little afraid thinking that I had to compete with 14 other contestants.

TNW : What did you perform for winning Miss Talent title award?

–     I had performed Gurung cultural dance during the event. I did the cultural dance with Gurung song in the background.

TNW: How did you celebrate this year’s New Year or Lhosar ?

–     Actually, I missed the opportunity to participate in the New Year’s celebrations as I had some cough and cold recently. I was invited to my village in Ilam for the celebration but I had to cancel the programme due to my ill health. Besides, I was a little busy to prepare for my terminal exams.

TNW: What types of activities will you be engaged in the coming days as Miss Gurung?

–     I think I would be doing modeling for a music video and acting in a Gurung film during my tenure as Miss Gurung. I was expecting to sign a contract for the purpose. Besides, I will also involve myself in different social activities in the coming year.

TNW: In what types of social works would be involved ? Will you elaborate more?

–     Under the social work, I would like to help street children and single mothers. I would like to collect donations for their help. I would also like to help senior citizens by visiting old-age homes.

TNW: Do you love animals? What are you going to do for them?

Yes, of course. I love animals, especially, street dogs and cat. I would also like to spend some time taking care of them. I would like to feed street dogs. I like dogs, as they are friendly and very helpful to humans.

TNW: What else more?

– Besides, I would also like to learn Gurung language myself and then would like to get involved in promoting Gurung language in the country. As I belong to Eastern Nepal, from Ilam district, my Gurung language is also poor. First, I will learn my mother tongue and then help in spreading the language to others in Gurung community.

TNW: How did you spend time during the recent lockdown ?

Actually, the lockdown provided me an opportunity to keep fit. I have done some exercises during the lockdown, which helped me in maintaining physical fitness. I visited my village called Mabu in Ilam district during lockdown where I also spend some time cutting grass there. Besides, I also learnt to weave woollen products like scalf at that time.

TNW: Will you describe about your village?

Mabu village is about 4 hrs drive from Kanyam, a beautiful tea garden popularly known as the Queen of Hills. Wheat, paddy, millet and wool are some of the famous products from my village. Mabu is also popular for local chhurpy and ghee made from local cow. It is especially famous for handmade tea called Hate Pati.

What are your hobbies?

Swimming, singing, dancing, playing with children and also would enjoy talking to my grandparents.

What is your aim in life?

My aim is in life is acting as also working in the field of banking. Being a business student I would like to work in banking sector and I will be pursuing acting as my side career like a hobby.

TNW: What type of acting would you like to perform?

I would like to do funny acting as well as emotional one.

TNW: Will you continue your studies further?

At present I am studying BBS Third Year in Grammar College, Koteshwor. I wanted to continue my studies upto Master’s Degree.

TNW: How would you utilize the prize money ?

I’ll give 5% of the one lakh prize money to my grandmother and 5% to my mother as they are the pillars in my life, biggest supporter of my journey, who made me capable in gaining  the present position. I will spend 10% for myself. I will spend rest of the money in different social works.