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Maoists on democratic path

The Nepal Weekly
December 28, 2021

By TNW Correspondent

The Maoist Centre has once again demonstrated its commitment to democratic practice by holding the national convention of the party in a democratic way. Their commitment to democratic practices appears to have been praised by a cross section of multi-parties in the country.

Views expressed at the opening of the Maoist Convention indicate preparedness by competing politicos in Nepal for appreciating the way the party is seeking to elect new leadership teams for the party for the next five years.

Like CPN UML and Nepali Congress in recent times, the Maoist Centre has organized the Convention and thousands of supporters including the representatives for the Convention are engaged in the task of finalizing their leadership for the future.

Maoist leader Prachanda appears to re-emerge as unquestionable leader of the party this time as well. “There is no competitor to him in the party at the moment,” said a senior Maoist adding “the party could of course pick up some other leader in the future as per the demand and aspirations of party supporters in future. Prachanda has expressed his openness for this and he wants to encourage new leaders in the party.”

Although managing the aspirations of leaders within the party is a challenging job, the Maoist Centre appears to have handled it well by making arrangement for this widening the accommodativeness.

Convention representatives are also discussing the ideological matters inside the party during the Convention. They are expected to chart a political path for them for decades to come in the light of new political developments in the country and in the international arena.