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Omicron virus infection rampant among the children in Europe and America

The Nepal Weekly
December 28, 2021

Experts have expressed concern that the risk of another wave is increasing with the rise of omicron infections worldwide. They have expressed concern saying that the death toll could rise again as the world has experienced Delta virus infection along with Omicron.

According to experts the risk of infection has increased as children have been affected by Omicron. According to them, hospital admissions of infected children are increasing in Tennessee, USA and some African countries. In Tennessee, 84 of the 317 Covid infected people admitted to the hospital on Thursday were children. Some of the infected children even have serious symptoms, said medical director of Lebonhair Children’s Hospital, Dr. Nick Highsmith explained. “The number of infected children in most of the children’s hospitals has been increasing since the summer,” he pointed out. Although the effects of Omicron are uncertain, the growing number of infections in adults and children is raising concerns.

Lately, the Omicron variant infection has been a major cause of concern in Europe, America and Africa. Omicron has significantly increased the hospitalization rate for children under five in these countries. Hospitals have reported flu, delta and omicron infections in among children.