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Poush 5 observed as Black Day

'Oli dissolved the Parliament after he loses majority in the party'

The Nepal Weekly
December 21, 2021

During a programme organized by Socialist Press Organization Nepal in Kathmandu on Monday, leaders of the ruling alliances heavily came against CPN-UML chairman K.P. Sharma Oli, whom they termed as the mastermind of regression. The programme was organized to observe Poush 5, the day when Oli for the first time dissolved the House of Representatives last year, as “Black Day.”

Speaking on the occasion chief guest CPN-Maosit Centre chairman Pushpakamal Dahal “Prachanda” said, “K.P. Oli had dissolved the House of Representatives at a time when internal squabble had reached a climax within the Nepal Communist Party and Oli was in a minority position.” His move to dissolve the House was aimed at saving his position in the party, which was totally unconstitutional, anti-democratic and anti-communist, he pointed out.

“We (the dissident faction) had the support of 75 percent of the Central Committee members at that time and Oli was about to lose his position as the party president.” “As it was not possible for Oli to win support from the party fellows through meetings and discussion, he suddenly dissolved the Parliament without seeking solution through legitimate means to secure his position,” he noted.

CPN-Unified Socialist president Madhav Kumar Nepal has alleged that CPN – UML chairperson K.P. Oli has shaken hands with the forces close to the former King Gyanendra. Oli was saying that he would rather break the chair of the Prime Minister rather than handing over power to others, he pointed out. Oli has a feeling of egotism and self-centredness, who considers himself as above the party and above the state, Nepal said adding his move was aimed at capturing power for decades.” We had been the vitim of Oli’s atrocities even before the unification of the party and after the unification between CPN-UML and CPN-Maoist Centre, Oli even declined to transfer power to Prachanda after completing half of the five year term as per the written agreement,” revealed Nepal. “Oli even did not honour the agreement reached between the two leaders to chair the party’s meetings turn by turn.” Former Prime Minister Baburam said the move of K.P. Oli to dissolve the Parliament and to obstruct the proceedings of the Parliament was meant for inviting regression in the country. There is a need to remain continuously vigilant against such undemocratic and regressive move in order to preserve democratic achievement, he pointed out.