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Instant fine payment for traffic rule violators

The Nepal Weekly
December 14, 2021

Traffic police launched a new system that allows traffic rule violators to pay fine to reclaim their documents, including driving licence and blue book, instantly. Senior Superintendent of Police Janak Bhattarai, in-charge of Metropolitan Traffic Police Division Monday informed the launching of the provision of ‘Pay Fine On-the spot: Instant Payment System’ for Kathmandu valley.

With this, any driver or biker, who is caught by on-duty traffic in the act of breaching rules, may get their documents back upon payment of prescribed penalty through mobile app.

Earlier, traffic police used to issue a 24-hour violation ticket and the rule violator needs to approach the designated traffic station to pay the fine in order to retrieve the documents held by the cops.

SSP Bhattarai informed that this system had come into effect in areas under Gaushala, Durbar Marg, Thapathali, Jawalakhel and Janasewa traffic police beats before its expansion to other areas in the valley.

“Now, traffic rule violators need not rush to the designated stations to get their documents back. They may pay on-the-spot fine and reclaim the documents held by on-duty traffic police.”

However, this system will not be applicable for driving under the influence and, violation of lane discipline and red light. Such drivers and riders may get their documents back only after attending an orientation class conducted by traffic police.

Violators of traffic rules are fined minimum Rs 500 and maximum Rs 1,500. Use of CCTVs, dashboard cameras and go-pro cameras have also assisted curb violations.