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New hotel opens in Gorkha

The Nepal Weekly
December 14, 2021

ready to serve visitors.

“Gorkha holds a great potential for tourism but we felt there were no tourist-standard hotels here,” remarked Badri Bahadur Maskey, vice-chairman of hotel’s management committee. “So some of us entrepreneurs partnered together thinking of opening luxury hotel.” The hotel has been built with the investment of 82 businessmen.

The hotel’s shares are divided in a 60-40 ratio with 60 per cent being owned by the owner of the Bharatpur Garden Resort and 40 per cent by the locals of Gorkha.

The hotel is spread over an area of 15 ropanis and was completed in four years. Even though it has already come into operation, it has not been officially inaugurated which will be done next month, informed by the management committee.

The Gorkha Garden has 46 rooms and has been designed for the comfort of domestic and foreign tourists. “We have two suite rooms, 10 super deluxe rooms and 34 deluxe rooms,” President of the hotel Rishiram Poudel said, adding, “The price of these rooms range from Rs. 4,500 to Rs. 12,000 per day with complimentary breakfast and swimming.”

Poudel said that the guests coming till the end of this fiscal year would receive a special 25 per cent discount on the room charges.

The hotel complex also consist of four state-of-the-art halls – Manakamana, Gorkhanath, Kalika and Ligligkot – which can accommodate a total of 600 people at once, Poudel shared.

The hotel has been built to be a three-star facility. However, it has not yet been certified so by the Department of Tourism.

Poudel also stated that they would promote locally produced goods. “We will use the crops grown locally and organically and will also sign agreements with farmers to buy vegetables and food grains.” The hotel would provide direct employment to more than 100 people, according to Poudel.