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Rs. 13.5 billion demanded for fertiliser

The Nepal Weekly
December 14, 2021

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development (MoALD) has demanded additional Rs. 13.5 billion from the Ministry of Finance (MOF) to purchase chemical fertilizer as the previously allocated budget has become inadequate.

The government had allocated Rs. 15 billion to purchase the chemical fertilizer in the fiscal year(FY) 2021/22.As the allotted amount fell short to meet the current demand, the NoALD asked for an additional Rs. 13.48 billion to purchase the fertilizer as per the given demand.

The spokesperson of MOALD, Prakash Kumar Sanjel, said that only 250 thousand metric tons can be purchased for Rs. 15 billion at the current international market price while there is a demand for an additional 130 thousand metric tons.

The budget presently allocated for purchasing the feriliser even fell short to buy 250 thousand metric tons and the MoF has already provided a billion rupees.

The MoALD said that the MOF is positive to provide the additional Rs. 12.48 billion as demanded.