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Ensure multi-party values!

The Nepal Weekly
December 7, 2021

Editorial – –

As political parties in Nepal hold their general conventions as per the constitutional provisions, they have to bear in mind that ensuring multi-party values is their prime responsibility. If they cannot do so, they will not be contributing to the promotion and growth of multi-party values. A simple demonstration of observing formalities of conventions would neither strengthen democracy nor enrich multi-party system. It will not also make the parties capable of coping with challenges before democracy particularly the parliamentary system. Three political parties – CPN – Marxist Leninist, CPN UML and Rastriya Prajatantra Party – have already held their conventions and elected fresh leadership for the next five years. Two more – Nepali Congress and Maoist party – are due to convene their conventions soon. While their approach to the conventions is encouraging, their show of money-power and high expenditure in the same is worrying. Equally discouraging is the financial non-transparency that features the party-conventions. Values such as dedication to high principles of the political parties, ideal sense of service to the people and the country and civic behavior and high standard dealing in competition within the party appear not emphasized in conventions. In the name of practicing internal democracy, leaders tend to promote factionalism, backbiting and blaming game besides manipulation of supporters for their continuity in post and promotion of their self-agenda. The broad cause of multi-party system cannot be served through this method. All political parties should therefore think about this seriously and allow the internal democracy flourish within the party in a manner in which really fresh leadership could spontaneously emerge over time. Cadres and leaders who could best serve the great cause of the party should be enabled to engage more within the party in a spontaneous way. They should have no fear or pressure from any quarter in this regard. Allowing leadership to grow and fan out as per the need of changing times is essential for all parties if they have to survive in new era with relevance and purpose. All processes and practices at different levels of party organizations which ultimately lead to the conventions should ensure the spirit and create enabling environment for new generation youths to emerge as leaders. Senior party leaders should clear the way for this. The same, if practiced with honesty and dedication, could create a sustainable climate for continuity, growth and expansion of  the parties concerned.