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Lingden’s victory in RPP: a wake-up call for other parties

The Nepal Weekly
December 7, 2021

– S.B. Pradhan

Victory for second generation leader of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP), Rajendra Lingden, who defeated incumbent president of RPP Kamal Thapa in the General Convention of the party has sent a positive signal to many young aspirants for high posts in their respective political parties across Nepal. Lingden’s election to the top party position of the RPP has sent a wake – up call for leaders and cadres of other political parties as well.

This has certainly encouraged youths in Nepali Congress, Maoist Centre and Madhes based parties, who are none- the less capable as compared to the senior and established political leaders in their respective political parties. Age does not count so far as political leadership is concerned and the political cadres are these days motivated not by the grey hair but by the dynamism, vision and capability of their leaders, which has been clearly evident from the recently concluded RPP convention.

Despite his full effort K.P. Oli could not get elected unanimously in his party, CPN-UML during the Chitawan convention. Although the former Prime Minister had used every tactics second generation leader Bhim Rawal had contested the election for the post of president and secured more than 200 votes, which is not a joke.

During local level elections as preparation for the upcoming general convention, the Nepali Congress party has also elected a number of leaders who are in their twenties and thirties. Now leaders should think about their behavior, way of thinking, academic qualification, organizational abilities and dynamism instead of the old way of mobilizing muscle power and money in the elections. This shows that people are gaining maturity through decades of democratic exercises.

Now the leadership is being gradually transferred to the new generation in almost all the political parties.

Any way RPP’s general convention should be an eye-opener for many political leaders and cadres. People these days want concrete performance, not just hollow assurances and word play. This has in a way sent a new wave of political current across the country. The country now doesn’t expect good governance or dynamic leadership from those leaders who are in their seventies or more. “I will tour the nation by carrying the agenda of shift in generation not only in the RPP,” remarked newly elected RPP president Lingden during a formal programme of the party the other day. “The RPP’s general convention has not only drawn attention of political leaders of other parties, but  also that of intellectuals and journalists,” he added. Now the effects of the RPP general convention expected to have visible effects in the elections of other political parties too.