August 14, 2022, Sunday
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Dhaka fabric exhibition to be held in Kathmandu is postponed

The Nepal Weekly
December 7, 2021

Nepal Handloom and Dhaka Cloth Entrepreneurs and Traders Association is organising an exhibition of goods made out of the Dhaka fabric and handloom soon. The exhibition slated to be commenced on December 17 in Kathmandu has been postponed.

The exhibition is being organised with the objective of preserving and promoting the unique Dhaka products.

According to coordinator of the association Ramesh Shrestha, who was talking to media the other day said that a total of 40 stalls will be showcasing their products in the event.Stating that the Dhaka cloth has been weaved in the country since ancient times, he said the production of Dhaka and the employment it generates can help support dynamism of the national economy.According to Shrestha, opportunities for business interaction will also be organised during the event where the entrepreneurs will exchange knowledge and experiences on developments and explore potentials of the Dhaka production and sale in the country and abroad.

There are around 50,000 entrepreneurs involved in the Dhaka business. A national gathering of the entrepreneurs and traders will also be held coinciding with the exhibition.