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Kasthamandap stands back in the original shape and size

The Nepal Weekly
December 7, 2021

Kasthamandap is one of the architectural prides of the Kathmandu Valley bearing important cultural value. The wood only made three storey structure which is also known as Marusatah, have been believed to be first built in 7th century AD. The big earthquake of 2015 April 25 destroyed it totally. Then, many people thought that this might not be built back as per its original shape and appearance without applicating modern technology.

The native artisans and conservationists put enough efforts to build it back by traditional knowledge, skill and practices. Now the structure is ready for a grand inauguration to take place soon. 

There were a number of myths on origin and existing of Kasthamandap. But the excavations copperplate inscriptions mentioning of Jayasthiti Malla, Jyotir Malla and Yogamati Bhattarikahave been recovered from a pillar of the Kasthamandap. In the manuscripts dated Nepal Sambat 499, 454 and 543, (AD 1288, 1243, 1332) it is written that the person responsible for operating the Pachali Bhairav Jatra has to organise the festival following the specific regulations.

Member of Bagmati Province Council and Coordinator of the Kasthamandap Reconstruction Committee Rajesh Shakya informed that the major structural works of Kasthamandap have completed. The committee is going to decide a date for the inauguration. The native technology and craftsmanship in the modern age have been shown capability and efficiency in reconstruction of Kasthamandap. This has been evidence that monuments and structures of cultural and traditional values could be brought back by local skills, and he added.

The committee for reconstruction was formed on May 1, 2018 and it started reconstruction process from July, 2018.

General Secretary of committee Gautam Dangol informed till November 16, total expenses occurred was Rs. 114,268,936 and paisa 53. Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) had provided Rs. 115 million to the committee in several instalments. The reconstruction works were commenced following the assurance of financial support to be provided by KMC Mayor.

The three-storied public shelter that included a shrine consecrated to Gorakhanath and replica of four main Ganesh located in different locations of the Kathmandu Valley.Four main pillars are the speciality of the structure which bear all loads, The stricture do not have any window or door but balconies with fine finished wood carvings. The ground floor is divided into four layers where different wooden posts of different sizes are used in each layer.