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NADA elections turning a tug of war

The Nepal Weekly
December 3, 2021

Nepal Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) is scheduled to hold its 45th annual general meeting on December 9 and 10 in Kathmandu. Soaltee Hotel, Tahachal, Kathmandu is set to be the venue of the AGM. The umbrella organization of automobile, spare parts, lubricants and accessories agents and dealers are actively engaged in electing a new team for NADA. The association is working towards safeguarding the rights and welfare of automobile entrepreneurs and boosting the automobile trade in Nepal. The association has more than 3,000 general members across the country. 

The election is scheduled to take place on 10th December at the AGM venue.

Dhruva Thapa and team in the press meet Thursday

Karan Chaudhary of the Chaudhary Group’s CG Holdings which import and distribute Maruti Suzuki vehicles in Nepal is competing for the post of president. He has a team of candidates for other elected posts. Chaudhary also leads the Gulf Lube Oil business in Nepal.

Similarly, Dhruva Thapa, managing director of Himalaya Organisation based in Pokhara is also contesting for the post of president. Team Thapa has also candidates for all elected posts. His team members include representatives of accessories dealers and a woman candidate for the post of executive committee member. Yamuna Shrestha, the only lady candidate is the leading business person in electric vehicles business in Nepal.

Both the panels lead by Chaudhary and Thapa are all prepared for contesting the elections. They had separately held meetings with supporters and well wishers at different places across the country.

The Team Thapa had gained strong confidence of winning all seats during the meetings with NADA members at different places. Dhruva Thapa, who has been in automobile trade for more than two decades and continuously servicing the NADA executive team opines that NADA needs to be restructured to match the present spirits of the automobile trade. Therefore a strong executive team representing various geographical and business categories is a current requirement for NADA to make stronger. His team is a composition of all such strength and inclusiveness. Moreover all categories of automobile trades are represented in the team of candidates. Strong automobile data base, coordinating with government agencies on automobile policies and service to members are priorities of his team. Similarly, Karan Chaudhary’s team is equally engaged in the election campaign. His team has young and energetic candidates representing big houses of the automobile trade in Nepal and others. He says that NADA is a common platform of automobile and related business community. Strengthening automobile trade safeguarding members’ rights welfare is the prime agenda. Likewise, coordination with federal and provincial governments for maintaining conducive business environment is also equally important priority. Thus, consultations and recommendations of all members will be taken into consideration. Likewise, creating a data hub will be a commitment of his team.

Karan Chaudhary and team at the candidacy declaration event Wednesday

Regarding, developing global trend in electrical mobility and the NADA to act in future, Dhruva Thapa explained that the policies formulated by Nepal government will be a guideline for NADA. As such, the association will cooperate the government in formulating policies and coordinate and support for the successful implementation.

On the other hand, Karan Chaudhary comments that electric vehicles are the requirement of present day. Some NADA member companies have started import and sales of electric vehicles in Nepal. However, electric vehicles business is also linked to safety, battery charging facilities, management of used batteries are also important factors. As such, NADA, in future, will work with government authorities for formulating better policies.

The NADA elections this time, in observes’ view, is a tough business. As both Thapa led and Chaudhary led teams foresee the ‘win’. However, a large number of voters from outside the Kathmandu Valley will send the representation authority for proxy voting. So the proxy voting may deviate the interest of real voters. That may bring an unexpected result in the NADA election.