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Wake – up call for establishment-leaders

The Nepal Weekly
November 30, 2021

By TNW correspondent

The way some cadres and leaders within the CPN UML did not allow their topmost leader and former Prime Minister K.P. Oli pursue his own way in the final leg of the party’s 10th convention would inspire politicos particularly the youths in other parties to press for their issues inside the party organization.

The expression was made by senior politicos the other day in Kathmandu analyzing the issue of CPN UML’s pursuit of election for electing new leadership in place of consensus advocated so widely by Oli for the past six months and sought so vigorously for two days during convention.

“Youths of Nepali Congress, Maoist Centre, RPP, and Madhesh Parties will certainly draw lessons from Chitawan and compel establishment-leaders to change approaches or quit during their own party-convention. The same would not be helpful for old established leaders but it would be helpful for the national politics,” they observed.

For the country’s politics to be stable, it is highly necessary to adopt new way of behaving, thinking and mobilizing cadres under the leadership of political organization, senior politicos observed.  “Simple re-play of past arm-chair politics and divide and rule tactics of establishment-leaders would no more work.”

According to some analysts, some youths and cadres in the CPN UML have shown with example that a political party could be changed from within and there is no need to form another party for the reforms they want. Critics often criticized the CPN UML for not offering room for dissent particularly in the 10th convention. But some youths worked so hard that the leadership had to bow down to hold election for picking up fresh leadership for the party. “They did not allow the establishment leader to dictate hand-pick-up of fresh leadership in the name of consensus and unity.”