January 26, 2022, Wednesday
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‘No need for Govinda K.C. to sit for another hunger strike’

The Nepal Weekly
November 30, 2021

Minister for Education and Science and Technology Devendra Poudyal has assured that now onward Govinda K.C. does not need to go for another hunger strike. The government is set to bring a new act as soon as the Parliament session starts, which would incorporate the demands put forth by K.C., minister Poudyal said during an interaction with media persons the other day.

 Minister Poudyal underlined the need for opening new medical colleges by fulfilling minimum criteria so as to check a large number of Nepalese students flying abroad for pursuing higher education in the field of medicine. Dr. K.C. has been launching hunger strike for 17 or 18 rounds demanding reforms in medical education. His stress was providing quality education in medical sector at an affordable cost and spreading medical institutions in remote districts instead of concentrating them in Kathmandu and some other limited urban areas. Let’s wait and watch whether the new education minister can address the issues raised by Dr. K.C., so that a situation would be created that he need no longer sit for another hunger strike.