August 14, 2022, Sunday
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Amidst Omicorn threat Japan imposes travel ban on all foreign nationals

The Nepal Weekly
November 30, 2021

Japan government announced on Monday it will temporarily suspend new arrivals of foreign nationals starting from Tuesday. Speaking at the Prime Minister’s office, Japanese leader Fumio Kishida said the measures were imposed “in order to avoid the worst situation.” New arrivals of foreigners from all countries in the world will be banned from midnight of November 30 “as an emergency precautionary measure,” he announced. Kishida added the measures are temporary until more information is revealed about the Omicron variant.

One person among 32 people who entered Japan recently from a current list of nine south African countries subject to entry restrictions has tested positive for Covid-19, the Prime Minister said. It’s not yet known whether they tested positive for the Omicron strain, but authorities are analyzing the genome, Kishida added. Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said they will ban the entry of new foreigners but Japan-based foreigners with residence permits will still be allowed to enter.