May 25, 2022, Wednesday
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Middle path for politicos, lawyers

The Nepal Weekly
November 23, 2021

By TNW correspondent

Senior politicos are counseling both politicos and lawyers agitating with demand for resignation of Supreme Court Chief Justice to pursue middle path and continued talk over their respective stands. “That will be instrumental in ensuring and not denying justice to the public.”

Although at the moment lawyers and their umbrella organizations do not want this line of talk, they will over time think about it and not remain as obstacle to justice for the public. “It is the duty of all not to contribute to situation in which justice to the public is denied for long,” say senior politicos.

Reforms in the court are necessary and unnecessary delay, red tapeism, and corruption should be avoided through appropriate measures. Similarly the sanctity of the judiciary should be preserved and there should be no room for doubt over the justice system among the general public, they note.

Politicians who are divided over issues such as adopting the MCC through parliament or holding early or late parliamentary election should also follow the middle path. “This will help utilizing the aid well without affecting the interest of the country in any way and also ensuring timely electoral process, the integral part of democracy. leaders should show wisdom in these issues keeping in mind the need for financial resources for the country’s development and political stability.”

Should politicos particularly ruling alliance leaders allow their differences over the matters spill over the continuity of the ruling alliance, political instability will crop up and that will be very harmful for the country and the democratic path being followed at present as per the republican constitution, observers warn.

Keeping the ruling alliance intact until the parliamentary and local elections is a must, senior politicos observe. Leaders should be very careful about preserving alliance unity for the sake of the political stability. “Nepalis have already suffered enough because of unstable politics.”