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“You are polite from inside,” “you are revolutionary” | Ram Dev and Prachanda complement each other

The Nepal Weekly
November 23, 2021

During a programme organized by Patanjali Yogapeeth Nepal in Kathmandu the other day. Yoga guru Ram Dev and CPN-Maoist Centre chief Pushpakamal Dahal “Prachanda” made verbal complements to each other. “When I first met Prachanda I was a bit scared, but now we have come closer to each other, and there is no such a feeling,” said Ram Dev, who was sitting next to Prachanda at the function at Mandikhatar on Friday.

“Prachanda looks scary from outside, but from inside he is very polite,” complemented Ram Dev. You Nepalese people are very much fortunate to have a leader like Prachanda, he added.

In fact, when Ram Dev was presenting his first Yoga discourse in Kathmandu about a decade ago, the Maoist cadres had tried to obstruct the progrramme. He had to short cut the programme due to the fear of offence by the YCL at that time. Next time when Ram Dev visited Nepal to give instructions on Yoga, even Prachanda and other communist leaders joined his programme.

Prachanda also complemented Ram Dev by making sweet remarks on him. “I found Ram Dev as a revolutionary as myself,” he remarked. “In the beginning I had a different perception regarding Ram Dev, which has totally changed now, he pointed out. I had the opinion that Ram Dev being a Yoga guru must be very much traditional and conservative. But his teachings were very much scientific. I found him non the less revolutionary than myself,” he remarked.