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Pressing problems ahead!

The Nepal Weekly
November 16, 2021

By TNW Correspondent

Nepalis are currently witnessing complicated problems in politics and public life. In politics, the opposition party is in move against the Speaker of the House of Representatives while political parties are busy organizing their annual convention focusing more on internal politics than on public causes.

The ruling coalition is concentrating more on coordination among constituents of government than on public causes. As consequences of all these people are suffering from high price rise in the market and artificial shortage of various essential goods. The scrutiny body of market is nowhere to be seen.

Senior politicos expressed the views the other day in Kathmandu expressing worries over the troubles people are facing. Constitutional bodies and line ministries are also not being able to focus on deliver of public services. Some people in responsible should at least take responsibility for addressing the problems of people, they said.

The country has seen federalism being practiced for nearly five years. Yet the people in the street have not been able to reap benefits of the system, senior politicos observed expressing fear that the public cause will be sidelined as the country prepares itself for the local elections in six months and parliamentary polls in a year.

Prime Minister Deuba should now come forward and seek to address problems facing delivery of public services and the market situation that affects adversely most the fixed income group, they noted. He should make the people have a sense of governance at all levels by proper and timely delivery of public services.

The wise policy, the senior politicos counsel, would be to take responsibility of addressing the problems facing people in their daily lives and making all parts of government functional in the real sense of the term.

If this is not done, senior politicos warn, people will be further frustrated and suffer more in future. This will adversely impact the people’s trust level in the coalition government.