June 30, 2022, Thursday
Nepal 1:37:26 pm

Ensure way to justice!

The Nepal Weekly
November 16, 2021


Nepalis have been denied way to justice in the Supreme Court for the past few weeks. Practicing justices and lawyers are in protest against the Chief Justice demanding his resignation over, among other things, disrespecting the principle of separation of power. The Chief Justice is not listening to them and has made it clear that he will step down not through pressure from street but through the constitutional means. The parliamentarians and the major parties they belong to are not moving to address the problem saying the problem of the court should be settled by the court itself. They forward the logic that they would not like to interfere with the court matters. While all have their own logic to explain their position in the conflict, they appear not serious enough to think about denial of justice to the public in the highest court of the land for days together. Democratic values expect them to act and ensure way to justice irrespective of the grievances of those who are engaged in the movement for and against the Chief Justice. All related to court matters know the point clearly. Yet they are simply sidelining it. The deadlock in the Supreme Court should see an end as soon as possible and the way to justice for ordinary Nepalis should be ensured. Justices and lawyers and all those related to court matters should at least contribute to this point in their own ways. They could carry on their protest programmes without denying justice to the public. If the issue is not addressed properly political parties particularly the members of parliament will be pressured to act to tackle the problem. If they do not act as per the values of democracy, the move against the Chief Justice could well expand to protest against the political parties and leaders, and also parliamentarians. After all it is the duty of politicos to create a climate in which all wings of state – the government, parliament and court- could be functional as per the high standards of democracy. Should there be any flaw in it, it should be corrected by politicos as per the constitutional measures. That is why political parties should no more be an onlooker of protest in the yards of the Supreme Court. Media and civil society could facilitate the political parties in this regard. If all these are not taken care in time, Nepalis will continue to watch the scenario of justice being denied to the public. Politicos should take this point also seriously as they watch protest in the vicinity of the Supreme Court.