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Govt encourages use of electric vehicles, appliances: Minister Bhusal

The Nepal Weekly
November 16, 2021

Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Pampha Bhusal has said that the government would give priority to the policy of reducing the use of vehicles, factories and appliances powered by petroleum products.

Speaking at an interaction on ‘Disaster and Community Radio’ organised by the Community Radio Broadcasters Association on Sunday, Minister Bhusal said that plans would be made to replace the use of petroleum products from Nepal ahead of the time committed by Nepal in the international arena.

She said, “I will make an action plan discussing with the experts and stakeholders. So let’s all buy electric vehicles now.”

Expressing confidence that trade deficit can be reduced significantly by consuming domestically generated electricity, she said that use of electricity would also help in making a self-reliant economy and mitigating the effects of climate change.

“Poverty alleviation is the first responsibility of building a socialist-oriented society.” Minister Bhusal said that electricity has been provided free of cost to 2.6 million households.

She stressed on the need to make a habit of using electric equipment to reduce the impact of climate change.

Minister Bhusal said, “Snow is melting and the risk of snow-fed lakes is increasing. Let’s do our part to reduce such risks.”

Stating that climate change was having a negative impact on Nepal due to the mistakes made by the developed nations, she said, “Manang, Mustang and other districts have suffered huge physical and human losses. We are suffering the consequences of the poison we have not eaten.”

Stating that the role of radio is important in times of disaster, she said, “FM radio is the most effective in times of disaster. We are ready to work for information sharing. Radio has become the medium of information.”

She said that the government was ready to move ahead in collaboration with the community radios. On the occasion, chairman of Community Radio Broadcasters Association Arjun Giri said that the state should address the problem of community radios citing that community FM radios had made significant contributions during the period of COVID-19, earthquakes and floods and landslides.