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Politicos’ eyes on Nepali Congress

The Nepal Weekly
November 2, 2021

By TNW correspondent

All eyes of politicos in Nepal are currently on Nepali Congress particularly on the way and time it organizes its 14th general convention, a constitutional and legal must for any political party. The process through which it conducts the convention along with all its formalities, sessions, elections  for fresh leadership is being watched carefully.

Since the party is the oldest democratic party in the country and since it is known for standing for democratic values throughout history, it is natural for all politicos to be interested in watching how it fulfills its organizational obligations, said a senior non-NC former parliamentarian.

The general convention is the time when the party could display and practice its internal democracy in a systematic manner, noted the parliamentarian. “Leaders should understand this properly and behave in a democratic way as they compete with each other for various power-points and responsibilities within the party-structure.”

Internal competition in a democratic party should be characterized by healthy trends and civic qualities. All leaders competing for the high posts in the party should understand this and practice the same, remarked a political observer the other day. “If this is not visibly practiced, people would lose trust in democracy and there is a risk for this in Nepal at the moment.”

Nepali Congress, therefore, cannot afford to further delay its convention and cannot also tolerate undemocratic approach to completing the legal requirements for internal structure of the party for the next five years. “No excuse could be accepted for any undemocratic show of politics in the context of the 14th convention, “ remarked one youth who was just elected for the convention at ward level.

Top leaders of the party particularly PM Deuba, Ram Chandra Paudyal, Prakash Man Singh, Bimalendra Nidhi, Koiralas -Shekhar, Shashanka, Sujata-, and Krishna Prasad Sitaula should be careful in behaving democratically, speaking in a civic way and competing positively in a healthy way. “All are currently watching them as they intensify their competition for the high posts within the party.”

What NC will do during the convention could develop as a norm for other political parties in future, commented a media person the other day.